Welcome to Kidz Inc Dubai

I am proud to say that no one knows young children better than we do!  We believe that working with children is the most valuable work on the planet and because of that we put children at the centre of everything we do.


We focus on children from three months to five years as this is the most important time for rapid brain development, which lays the foundations for the future.

There are three prime areas of development during these early years that underpin all learning and development:

  • Physical
  • Personal, social and emotional
  • Communication and language


It’s well researched and documented that play is essential for children’s development; a child MUST play in order to develop and it’s the very nature of play that is building and shaping children’s brains through the early years.  It used to be just a theory, but neuroscience has confirmed: sensory stimulation builds the nerve networks that create the architecture of the brain.     With the help of attuned adults, children playing are instinctively responding to the sensory stimulation of everything around them!


Children’s experiences are limited by their surroundings, the environment we provide for them has a crucial impact on the way a child’s brain develops and this is why enabling environment provides the stimulation and positive relationships that support children to feel safe enough to explore.


Many children spend a large portion of their wakeful hours in specific environments – childcare centres, nursery, pre-school & play areas, making it even more important that each environment is designed with children in mind.


We are a boutique, family-owned business with a passion for small children, a huge hunger for learning and a curiosity for growth and development.  We’re inspired by innovative and quality ideas, products, brands and services that truly enhance and support the creation of a better future for our little ones.  We’re creative in our approach, flexible in our thinking and innovative in the way we do business and I’d like to invite you to come and meet us to experience how we work with adults for children!


Charlotte Borghesi

Owner and director