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Royal Grammar School Guilford

Location: Dubai

Client: Cognita

The Project.

Get ready to be inspired! Cognita, one of the world's top private school groups, teamed up with Kidzink to bring the newly opened Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai to life. Located in Tilal Al Ghaf Sports City, this cutting-edge British curriculum school is a standout in the competitive UAE school market, and Cognita chose Kidzink for our expertise in the field.

Our talented team designed, manufactured, and installed every nook and cranny of the school, from the classrooms to the canteen to the labs. We made sure every space reflected the school's unique identity and vision.

The result? A campus brimming with opportunities for learning, growth, and discovery. Every aspect of the design and facilities plays a role in shaping the student experience, making Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai a place where pupils can thrive and reach their full potential. The school welcomed its first pupils in 2021.

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