Residential & Private Clients

Would you like to make more of your child’s space but lack confidence or time?  Let us help together we will create the most beautiful and inspiring room in the house.  We offer a full interior design and installation service to create a stylish nursery, bedroom, or playroom for your children. Detailed room designs to give you direction and a plan of action to implement at your own pace. One-off design consultations – for example to show you how to make your child’s play area work with the rest of your home.  We even make bespoke storage and furniture to make the best use of tricky spaces.


Benefits for Parents


Parents know the quality of your facility from the moment they enter—by the quality of the space and furnishings. The visual impact of Kidz Inc. environments convinces parents that their children will be well-cared for, encouraging high enrollment rates.

  • Peace of mind. Parents need to feel confident that their children are in a safe and healthy setting. That is why Dusyma products do not just comply with regulations: they are designed with children’s health and safety as a core principle.


  • Successful children. A broad range of research validates what educators have said for years: that a high-quality early childhood program is the best preparation for future success. Both STEM knowledge and executive function have their root in the quality and opportunities for play-based learning. Kidz Inc & Dusyma provide unparalleled support for open-ended, constructive play in a child-oriented and welcoming environment.


  • Satisfaction. Parents’ gratification is vital to any program’s success. A quality environment that empowers teachers, supports children’s play and ensures their health and safety will profoundly affect parent’s perception of your program.