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Charlotte Borghesi’s take on Sustainability in Schools

Updated: Feb 1

We were thrilled to hear Kidzink founder Charlotte Borghesi’s thoughts on sustainability in schools in a recent interview for DubaiEye 103.8, one of the leading radio stations in the UAE. Every Friday, DubaiEye host, Georgia Tolley, takes a deep dive in to the education sector, and for this sustainability in education discussion Kidzink founder, Charlotte Borghesi, was an ideal guest.

Georgia’s interview with Charlotte focused on eco-anxiety in teens, as well as asking if schools in the UAE are adopting sustainable practices to protect our children’s future.

During the conversation, Charlotte reflected on the changes she had seen around eco-education over the course of her own children’s years at school. She went on to highlight Kidzink Design client, the Royal Grammar School, Guildford in Dubai (RGS) and their innovative approach towards sustainability. Charlotte explained how RGS had a bold ambition of achieving a Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) rating.

Fellow guest on the show, Tatiana Antonelli Abella, is one of the leading voices of sustainability in the UAE. Tatiana runs a unique social enterprise, Goumbook, which promotes sustainability and green practices in the UAE.

Fast forward to 32 minutes to hear Charlotte’s thoughts – CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

Watch this space to for more insights on the sustainable methods adopted by Kidzink Design when creating our AMAZING learning spaces!  If you have any questions about our work, CLICK HERE to contact a member of the team.

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