Our Team & Our Values

We’re a family-run boutique business with a multi-functional team of designers, artists, architects, carpenters, teachers, innovators, marketers and mums, all passionate about small children and with a huge hunger for learning and a curiosity for growth and development.  We’re inspired by innovative & quality & evidence-based ideas, products, brands and services that truly enhance and support the creation of a better future for our little ones.

We’re creative in our approach, flexible in our thinking and innovative in the way we do business.

Collectively, we have over 300 years of experience directly working with children.

Our Values

Thoughtful in everything we design and everything we do towards colleagues, clients, children and our competitors

Innovative in how we challenge convention and continuously strive to improve everything we do

Curious, open-minded and determined to understand the early years of children better than anyone else

Vibrant, bright, colourful and loud, but most of all we’re full of passion for what we do

Collaborative in putting our heads together and combining all of our strengths to find better solutions, faster