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One of the most unique aspects of Kidzink is that we not only design creative spaces and furniture, we manufacture our own furniture, right here in the UAE.

The Kreation Advantage.

Not only do we look after your Koncepts and Kreative - but we also manufacture our own projects at our manufacturing Kreation Space, right here in Dubai! This enables us to pour all of our educational knowledge into each and every piece of furniture we manufacture, ensuring it meets our own high standard of finish, and can be delivered and installed efficiently.

Accompanying this is our Kreation Space manufacturing facility in Italy too - partnered with GAM, we can provide a global service as easily as a local one. Reduced shipping and lead times means that we can be a very agile company - and responsive to your needs.


We are ISO certified and have full FSC certification.  We manufacture what we sell with no middlemen, meaning our prices remain competitive. 

The Kustomisation Advantage.

Are you tired of cookie-cutter classroom furniture that doesn't fit your school's style or needs? Well, it's time to get inspired! Our team of experienced designers are here to help you bring your vision to life with our bespoke furniture design service for education, you can unleash your imagination and create the perfect learning environment for your students.


From selecting the perfect hue, to choosing the ideal shape, finish, and fabric, the possibilities are endless. Say goodbye to drab and dreary classrooms and hello to a light, fresh and calming space that will inspire and engage your students. So, get ready to make your mark on education and create a space that is truly unique and amazing!


Get ready for a furniture upgrade that will make your school shine! Kidzink is proud to partner with the historical school furniture manufacturer, GAM- Gonzagareddi Montessori, based in Italy.


With a legacy dating back to 1925, GAM was the first created educational materials and furniture designed by the legendary Maria Montessori.

At Kidzink, we believe in quality and only use the best materials and finishes that meet the highest European standards. And, with our partnership with GAM, we're bringing their expertise and innovation to the Middle East. Whether you're looking for furnishings for nurseries, pre-schools, schools, libraries or cultural centers, Kidzink has got you covered with high quality. customized solutions that will make your space safe, stylish and just plain awesome!

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