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Enter into the

At Kidzink, we're just like you and your teachers and students - we want to learn, and impart our knowledge to educators too!

The Klassroom.

At Kidzink, we're just like you and your teachers and students - we want to learn, and impart our knowledge to educators too!


In our Klassroom, we look at expanding our pedagogical knowledge, and sharing many of our experiences as educators, designers and architects. You'll find our founder Charlotte speaking at many events about what we are learning and putting into practice every single day for our clients.


Learning never stops and here at Kidzink we love to share that!


One item we are hugely passionate about at Kidzink is our drive to learn about students learning styles and teachers curriculum based style of delivery. We have experts in the range of diverse curriculums that schools may use, whether it be IB or British Curriculum and more - we use this knowledge in helping our clients maximise their potential for achievement in any school setting.

We also undertake much research into the development of education, to ensure that we can deliver future proof designs and furniture that are both sustainable for the environment, and the school eco-system too.

Our Specialisms.

Early Years

We design and fit around an institute's EY pedagogy & vision. With former Early Years leaders on our team, we understand EY like no other.

Science & S.T.E.A.M

We have a dedicated team that are always exploring the new ways to develop Labs & S.T.E.A.M rooms to incorporate new technolgy.

Maker Spaces

Maker spaces for design are a great opportunity for us to design exciting learning environments that stimulate creative learning. 


We create inspiring library spaces that are a combination of quiet reading areas, collaborative spaces and technology driven features.

Collaborative Working

From 6th Form common rooms to university working areas, we specialise in creating social spaces for collaborative working.

Movement & Wellbeing

We know that the outdoor environment offers great physical challenges, creative potential and opportunities to experiment on a large scale.


We know that entering a school should be a really 'wow!' moment - and we love to get creative and help achieve that instant excitement.

Dining Spaces

A dining area should be a safe, social space that brings people together and allows for smooth timely transitions for the school community.


Even though it may not sound as exciting - but we LOVE to design classrooms! They are the centre of the learning experience, & key to experiences.

We have a wealth of experience in fully refurbishing schools from top to bottom as well as having a set of core specialisms we Koncept and then Kreate.

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