How We Work

“Our approach is always to enhance functionality and environmental quality by working with clients towards a shared philosophy regarding their needs, and our goal is to enable our clients to provide the highest standard of childcare and create world class experiences and lasting memories for children of all ages.”

Our multi-functional team uses their considerable experience to create spaces and environments that inspire young children and include all the equipment and facilities needed by teachers, carers or parents. We have an experienced in-house team of specialists and use the information in the brief and from our consultations to inform our designs and layouts.  We also have our own extensive network of children aged three months to five years who keep us up to date with the latest “must haves” for this age group.

Of course, each and every space is different and we will work with you to create an environment that is unique to you and tailored to meet your needs and budget. Whether you’re setting up or refurbishing an existing space we can support you with a full turnkey approach.

Our Key Beliefs

Because we know what young children need,  we know the magic formula for designing and creating the most amazing spaces that have much more impact than just looking aesthetically pleasing.  Our projects significantly enhance holiday and leisure experiences and create impact and lasting memories for the whole family.  We build all of our work on our four key beliefs:

FUN: Family holidays and children’s learning are about fun, relaxation, joy and adventure. We help to create unique experiences that intrigue, invite and stimulate the senses and will result in cherished memories for families.

SAFETY: Keeping children safe is the most important work of any childcare provider. We create safe, stimulating and nurturing environments where parents know they can place their trust and where children feel confident to explore and experience.

LEARNING: Neuroscience confirms that children learn best through play, which we encourage and enhance with carefully planned spaces, resources and programmes. We specialise in designing environments where education through play is inevitable.

FRIENDSHIP: Shared fun and experiences help to build confidence, independence, self-esteem, develop social skills and build friendships that can last a lifetime. We create spaces that facilitate social interaction whatever your age.