Design Thinking

The classroom and playroom environment is an essential component for maximizing learning experiences for young children. By infusing elements of key design principles, you can create a classroom or play space that intrigues, invites, and stimulates many senses. The design principles, when layered together, heighten the overall feel of the room. Sparking the interest of a child cannot be done by simply placing furniture in an empty room. The space must be formed with several to be seen in full bloom. When they are implemented, these design principles will motivate all who enter your space, stimulate those that occupy your space, and enliven those whose interest in the space is beginning to fade.

Our 4 key beliefs underpin all of our work when we are designing for children to maximize the value of every space we design: Fun, Safety, Friendship & Learning.

We believe that environments & spaces for kids should have several common factors – they should be interactive, innovative, versatile & have top quality products that are safe, will grow with the child and can ultimately be used for generations.

We have developed & trade marked a unique, play-based learning approach for focusing and organizing design thinking into any child’s environment.  it is an evidence based approach to applying the key areas of learning that are crucial for igniting children’s curiosity & enthusiasm for learning & for building their capacity to learn, form relationships & thrive.   The approach links children’s development needs – physical, social, emotional and cognitive to the choices and arrangement of both fixed and movable components of a space deign.

Through this approach we establish the underlying structure of any environment which is used for the springboard of the creative design process rooted in 4 key design principles:

1/ High quality – safe & durable

2/ Stimulating – support enquiry & play based learning

3/ Evidence Based – Meet children’s developmental needs -physical, social, cognitive and emotional.

4/ Appeal to children’s senses – aesthetically pleasing

Our creative designs leverage our in-house bespoke carpentry expertise as well as our extensive know-how and network of leading children’s furniture brands and supplies to enable us to have the best solution to any brief no matter how big or small or how quick the timeline.