Childhood should be a learning journey filled with joy & adventure…

We believe that growing & educating our children is the most valuable work on the planet. No one knows young children better than we do! We focus on children from 3m to 5 years. That is because the formative years are the most important in rapid brain development which lay the foundations for the future of our children.

It is well researched and documented that play is essential for Children’s development. It is the very nature of play that is building and shaping children’s brains through the early years

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We are located in a converted warehouse in Al Quoz –  the heart of the art and design district of Dubai.  If you visit us you can roam through our interactive showroom that is filled with innovative educational, fun and stimulating designs, ideas and products.   Customers & parents can browse whilst children are encouraged to play and explore in our imaginative, inspiring and secure world designed just for them.

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Design Thinking

‘’Adults admire their environment; they can remember it and think about it but a child absorbs it.  The things he sees are not just remembered; they form part of his soul.  He incarnates in himself all in the world about him that his eyes sees and his ears hear” Maria Montessori

The classroom and playroom environment is an essential component for maximizing learning experiences for young children. By infusing elements of key design principles, you can create a classroom or play space that intrigues, invites, and stimulates many senses.

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Our Work